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toothwisdom-cosmetic-dentistIs your smile less than it could be because of chipped, crooked, discoloured, or missing teeth? Thanks to today’s innovative dental materials and techniques, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to correct such problems and give you a truly great smile. The doctors keep up to date on all of the advances in cosmetic dentistry so you benefit from the “latest and greatest’ in dental care.

• Whitening 
• Crowns 
• Bridges 
• Cleaning 
• Tooth coloured fillings 
• Crowns and Bridges
• Implants
• Veneers 
• Bonding

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Tooth whitening

Many food and lifestyle factors affect the colour of our teeth. As we age our teeth can naturally take on a darker, more yellow appearance.

Tooth Wisdom’s whitening process lightens the natural colour of your teeth providing a safe, easy and cost-effective way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile.

Anyone who has ever been self conscious about their smile should talk to Tooth Wisdom about tooth whitening.


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain which is designed to cover the outer face of the tooth.

Tooth Wisdom appreciate how critical a smile can be to ones confidence and aesthetic appearance. Veneers represent the new standard of excellence in cosmetic dentistry in creating a bright, white smile. A veneer can be the perfect solution to chipped, discoloured, crooked, gapped or generally imperfect teeth.

Naturally coloured fillings

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